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We understand that deciding on a new bathroom is an important process for our customers, whether it is for your own enjoyment and pleasure or to boost the value of your home. At RED Plumbing Services we are always happy to help guide you through those initial steps, so you can benefit from our professional perspective and experience from the early design stages through to the completion of your new bathroom.

We are always happy to discuss bathroom options with you, and can offer tips and guidance based on my experience in the field. So, if you’re looking for some advice or pricing information as the first step towards your brand new bathroom, or simply need help with routine maintenance or repairs, email or give me a call.

General Plumbing

We pride ourselves on customer service and repeat custom. If you need any type of plumbing across Bristol & South Gloucestershire please give us a call or use our contact page to request a call back or further information. RED Plumbing Services carry out all aspects of plumbing from a leaky tap, toilet overflows, burst pipe, garden tap interior & exterior plumbing to a full central heating system.


RED Plumbing Services can provide complete heating systems designed uniquely and tailor made to your individual customer requirements. We can also improve or upgrade existing heating systems.

Power Flush

Are you experiencing any of the following faults with your Heating System?

If your Radiator water is dirty, this can cause a number of problems with your Central Heating System. The boiler components can become blocked and may need to be repaired or replaced. The system is slow to heat up and the boiler can fail to work

The sludge that builds up within your heating system is magnetised and therefore it will cling to the radiators and pipework, and also the pumps and working parts within the boiler. This sludge is corrosive and left untreated can become costly to repair.

By having RED Plumbing Services Powerflushing your system it can improve the efficiency and reduce your fuel bills up to 20%. It will prevent radiators from becoming pin-holed causing leaks, which result in the radiator being replaced.

Pricing ranges from:

1 - 6   Radiator System               £250.00 + VAT
1 - 8   Radiator System               £300.00 + VAT
1 - 10 Radiator System               £325.00 + VAT

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